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Head Lice Removal in Indianapolis

Professional 100% Natural Head Lice Removal -

Trained & Certified in
"The Shepherd Method" of Lice & Nit  Removal.

Strand  By Strand Combing Technique.

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Full Treatment 
Includes- ReCheck , Shampoo &  Terminator Comb!

Welcome To Help For Lice Indy!
Lice Treatment in Indianapolis -  Trained & Certified 
Strand By Strand Combing Treatment Technique
“The Shepherd Method” is a time tested and proven “effective” means of treating once and monitoring afterwards. While combing is a vital tool within our process, it is the methodical approach that ensures all hair has been examined and all lice and nits removed. It also builds in several safety checks ensuring that, when the clients treatment is complete, we have done everything possible to ensure that they are lice and nit free.
Furthermore, the Shepherd Method is based on a treat once and treat right mentality that eliminates the need for multiple treatments, as well as the needless treatments of those without head lice.
Help For Lice Indy - Goal & Purpose
Thank you  for visiting Help For Lice Indy! Here at Help For Lice Indy, we know Head lice happen virtually everywhere including Indianapolis Indiana. Head Lice affect Indianapolis Indiana residents of all ages, races, sex and socially economic groups.  Head Lice do not discriminate – they know no boundaries. For those Indianapolis Indiana & surrounding area families battling this unwanted guest it’s a daunting task that seemingly has no end. While strides have been made over the last 20 years there are still far too many Indianapolis Indiana areas and  around  the  USA where “Help for Lice” is so greatly needed.

Help For Lice Indy is a Head Lice awareness and control center in Indianapolis Indiana & surrounding areas, along with the Shepherd Institute, has continuously sought ways in which to ensure lice removal services to parents in Indianapolis Indiana & surrounding areas and everywhere else. Now with their latest division “Help for Lice Indy”, here in Indianapolis Indiana, & Help For Lice now in Georgia, Iowa, Minnesota & Vermont! They are one step closer to ensuring families here in Indianapolis Indiana & across the US are able to receive Shepherd Certified lice services; ensuring more Indianapolis Indiana families & families across the world a lice free future. Contact Help For Lice Indy for an appointment in Indianapolis 317-400-4864 or 1-877-695-8349.

Help For Lice Indy - Cost Of Services
Help For Lice Indy - Treatment Process
Full Treatment
Includes: Re-Check, Shampoo &
Terminator Lice Comb
  • Head checks $10.00
  • ​Group Specials Available

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Help For Lice Indy treatment process includes 2 follow-up rechecks. Initial head check cost includes a personal comb for home use. Average treatment time for a girl is two hours. Additional services offered upon request include: Group Screenings, Education and Awareness.
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